FEBRUARY 21st - 23rd, 2020



Executive Director & CEO of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.

Author of 25 books, including Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records

and Edgar Cayce’s Twelve Lessons in Personal Spirituality



Edgar Cayce on Exploring Your Soul Self:

Your Akashic Records, Your Soul Growth and Your Personal Intuition

Your Opportunity to Experience an Inspiring Program of Soul Awareness, Personal Growth and Hands-On Intuition


Edgar Cayce believed that the growth of personal consciousness was the ultimate purpose of our existence on earth. In hundreds of readings over a period of many decades, Cayce expounded upon tools that would enable individuals to expand their personal consciousness and experience their soul self. These tools included understanding the Akashic Records, working with personal soul growth, and exploring intuition for personal guidance.


This special program will explore some of the most popular topics in the Edgar Cayce material that give you insights into your soul self, including the Cayce information on Angels, Guides and the Afterlife. During the day, you will also:


  • Tap into the wisdom of your soul memory and see what insights your soul’s past may give you in the present

  • Discover Edgar Cayce’s three simple tools for personal soul growth and how to work with them in everyday life

  • Have a “hands-on” experience with intuition – finding psychic insights in the waking state through the use of the imagination and symbolism


The Edgar Cayce database is a resource of 24 million words! This program will examine some of the most exciting concepts in that material. This is an event you won’t want to miss!


Comments received about Kevin


  • Kevin’s history, experience, and immersion in the Edgar Cayce readings make him one of the BEST speakers on these topics!

  • What is best about one of his programs are his stories and his use of the “psychic game” – I have played it before and it is AMAZING!!!

  • Excellent presentation by a fabulous speaker! Eye-opening, entertaining, and fast-moving; I did not want the day to end.



Kevin J. Todeschi is Executive Director and CEO of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. (www.EdgarCayce.org) and Atlantic University (www.AtlanticUniv.edu), responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Edgar Cayce organizations. As both student and teacher of the Cayce material for more than forty years, he has lectured on countless subjects in front of thousands of individuals upon six continents.


A prolific writer, he is the author of more than 25 books, including Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records, Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation and Family Karma, and his most recent Edgar Cayce on Angels and the Angelic Forces. A tremendous resource on the topic of dreams and intuition, he authored The Best Dream Book Ever and A.R.E.’s “Dream App.” He also compiled the “Edgar Cayce: Co-Creation” (thought for the day app) that has been downloaded around the world.


Known for his knowledge of the Edgar Cayce information, his sense of humor, and his ability to explain complex topics in a straightforward and easy to understand manner, Kevin remains one of A.R.E.’s most popular speakers.



Mount Carmel Spiritual Center

7020 Stanley Avenue

Niagara Falls, Ontario

L2G 7B7

Mount Carmel Spiritual Center is a Carmelite monastery built in 1894 and offers a variety of retreats, days of prayer and renewal and workshops all year round. It also offers a gift shop.

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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21st , 2020


Below are the descriptions for this year's retreat workshops:-

SOUL JOURNALLING by Christina Brighton


Learn to Journal with your own Soul for the most uplifting experiences you will ever encounter; tap into these realms of consciousness to greatly improve your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual well being and create “wholeness’ for your body temple. Become as a little “child” accepting all the good God has for you. (Bring a pen & paper or your journal to this workshop)


Christina was quoted in 1983 in Venture Inward – “make a commitment”; and that year she committed to begin writing! She is a “Unity” Licensed Teacher since 1996, a speaker and teacher always adding pertinent information from the Cayce readings and certification in “Transpersonal Psychology” in ’92. Soul Journaling has grown over the years from Sacred Journaling at Unity Centers throughout North America.


SOUND HEALING by Anthony Barr (Sacred Sevens)


Tony will explore sound healing, utilizing seven different flutes all tuned to specific solfeggio scale frequencies that deliver specific healing qualities. These qualities will be discussed prior to playing divinely inspired music. Meditate, relax and feel the frequencies bathing you in this soulful sound.


Tony has been a Cayce follower for many years, attending the Edgar Cayce Spiritual Retreat for a decade as well as facilitating sunrise drumming circles during those sessions. Trained by a Native American medicine man for 4 years he now provides Native American Flute music having recorded 2 CDs with a third on the way in 2020.




Teresa will discuss the ancient practice of Shamanism, look at the ways in which Cayce acted as a shaman, and how we can act as our own shaman today. She will introduce the shamanic journey as a means of accessing other spiritual realms to discover the wisdom and guidance that can be found there and then guide you through this process by undertaking a shamanic journey together.


Teresa has always been a spiritual seeker, following a path that has included a degree in religious studies from the University of Toronto, becoming a Reiki Master and a certified Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist. She enjoys weaving together all of the spiritual practices that have resonated with her over the years and sharing them with others.





Sheila will teach you how to achieve light altered states needed for trance healing based on the work of Edgar Cayce “The Sleeping Prophet” and her training from UK Stanstead University. You will participate in a meditation to "Sit in the Power of Spirit" which shows you how to achieve a trance state for Inspired Speaking, as well as be guided to practice trance healing with partners in an altered state and working with your Spirit guides. Note this is an introduction to the trance altered state, not deep sleep trance.


Reverend Sheila is an Ordained Minister with the Spiritualist Church in Canada and at Lily Dale New York. She is a full time working medium and healer who has followed Cayce teachings her entire adult life and has been working with trance states both in speaking/healing for several years.





Cayce stated, “they will occur”. We will cover “The Symphony of Events “you can expect, how best to prepare for them, spiritually mentally and physically….to mitigate risk…to not only survive but thrive and rebuild for generations to come.


Antonia is a highly respected, Master Psychic and Metaphysical/Spiritual Teacher for over 40 years. She has meticulously researched Major Earth Changes since the mid-’70s.





In this workshop, we will explore a strategy learned from Bob Van De Castle to study the symbolism in a dream and integrate the material with the dreamers’ waking life. We will utilize Edgar Cayce, Carl Jung and Robert Van De Castle as primary resources,


Since 1966 Susan has been recording her dreams to understand them. Her dream studies started with Sigmund Freud, followed by Carl Jung. She has a BA in psychology, and began to understand her dreams following a work-study program at A.R.E and studying in a Search for God Group with Elsie Sechrist in 1974. 





Do you wonder about your memory sometimes?  In this workshop we will look at some Edgar Cayce readings on memory, we’ll also touch on current research on the mind, as well as dive in deep into the rich treasures in remembering our true inheritance.

Karen has experienced the Edgar Cayce material since childhood.  She enjoys delving into the readings online and is interested in sharing, especially through workshops, the gems hidden deep in the Cayce readings.




Jon has collected dozens of holistic healing stories for a you-tube holistic health channel.  In this workshop, we will review several cases mentioned in the readings, testimonials of people who received holistic health healings and cover the commonalities of these healing stories.


Jon has been studying the Edgar Cayce readings for more than 25 years and has interviewed many people who have had readings by Edgar Cayce. He is a graduate of the Cayce Reilly School of Massage, does past live regressions and has lectured at conferences with a focus on Oneness, Healing, God’s Other Door and the Universal Laws.

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