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Finding Rewards In The Still Silence Of Meditation

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Meditation is a wonderful art that contributes to health and wellbeing. John Van Auken shares in this blog, the rewards and benefits of Meditation

In all the conditions of life that we face, learning to tune to center in the midst of those conditions is a very valuable tool. Meditation helps you create your own personal sanctuary. When things get challenging, a meditation practice can help you find and keep your balance.

Edgar Cayce’s readings say that during meditation, your better self comes through. The more you meditate, the better you become (in more ways than one).

Years ago, I started practicing meditation with a group at The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Va. During my first meditation with the group, I recall thinking, “There’s nothing in here but me! And for twenty minutes?!” But I kept practicing. Within months, I started noticing changes, and sensing another dynamic reality, and that I was getting closer to what I was seeking.

The type of meditation Cayce encouraged is holistic, in that the goal is to bring the body, mind, and soul into conscious union. He began with physical techniques of meditation. Then he would move to the mental and attempt to make shifts in consciousness to connect with the spiritual. But that is advanced meditating.

Still the Body, Daily

For those new to meditation, (Edgar’s son) Hugh Lynn Cayce would often recommend simply getting used to sitting still for 15 minutes. First, still the body. Once you master that, begin to work on stilling the mind. In Zen Buddhism, there is a technique called shikantaza, which literally means “just to sit”—which is hard to do.

Edgar Cayce says falling asleep can be a natural result of attempting to “go within,” because once the system shifts, that is very close to a sleep state. But you have to go through and beyond the sleep state to a “conscious sleeping state.” 

Cayce recommends we meditate daily, with the best time to meditate being 2 a.m.! Meditating is more important than sleep. Consider setting an alarm for 2 a.m. to practice meditation and see if you have a deeper, more reflective, twilight-like experience.

For, know that the answer to every problem, to every question, is within self. For there, as given, He has promised to meet with thee.

-- Edgar Cayce reading 2438-1

Silence the Mind

Meditation and reflection is not thinking; rather it’s getting to a place beyond the self-conscious mind. Thinking cannot get you beyond thinking. Only in stillness can you get there. There is a magic in stillness. As you learn stillness, you can move into a place very close to your original self, the origin of your being. True reflection is connecting with the origin of your being and of life, which leads to the awareness of infinite oneness and the source of all life. 

Eastern teachings reference the bird of paradise, where one wing is training, but the other wing is the right heart. A bird cannot fly with one wing, so you need both training and your heart in the right place. Success is achieved more quickly this way.

Buddha emphasizes meditation. In the New Testament, Jesus goes alone to be in prayer. If you read about how he prays, there is a period of silence; a period of receiving. He receives messages during periods of silence. Silence then, is important to miracles happening.

Then, listen—listen! For it is not in the storm, not in the noise, but the still small voice that rises within.

-- Edgar Cayce reading 826-11

Reap the Rewards

Meditation provides nourishment in a different but perhaps more important energetic way than even food does. Meditation stimulates the pituitary gland to rejuvenate the body, and I assert will leave you feeling younger. Meditation is important to overall health and can be used to improve healing.

In the midst of all that goes on in this physical life, meditation allows us to touch the original dimension of our existence. When I am with a group of people who are experienced meditators, I feel like I am with my soul group.

I have used meditation in facing most all of life’s challenges, and I believe it’s been key to being a better and balanced person. I am confident, as Cayce was, that meditation can help you become centered in the various conditions life brings. 

And as ye open thy mind, thy body, thy soul, ye will find Him there; not in some other place, not as from without. For He is closer than thyself. For He would be thy very self. MEDITATE upon Him and what He would have thee do.

-- Edgar Cayce reading 833-1

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